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October 4, 2020

We will be celebrating Communion the first Sunday in October which is designated as Worldwide Communion Sunday. As you enter the Sanctuary, please take a sealed communion bread and cup packet from the Communion table and take it with you to your seat. An explanation will be given at the appropriate time as to what you need to do with that packet so that we may partake of the bread and cup together. No Elders will be assisting in this service.



Make an Impact

Our church continues to have expenses and your contributions are much appreciated. If you would like to write a check to the church, you can drop it in the offering plates on the Communion table or mail it to:

1. Cross Roads Presbyterian Church, 4329 East Emory Road, Knoxville, TN 37938-4356, or 2. John Sharp (P.O. Box 5027, Knoxville 37918), or
3. Eleanor Miller (3909 Arline Drive, Knoxville 37938).

Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


Construction is Still Progressing!

  Construction is still progressing. The inside is currently being painted and work is being done on the 2 inner rooms. A heat and air system has been installed. The ramp has been poured and the outside of the ramp has been bricked. Concrete has been poured for the sidewalks and other areas. Please drive by the church and see our new look. We expect construction to be completed soon. How exciting! The Lord has truly blessed us!


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